About Screen Printing

          Screen-printing, in particular, Scholcography is one of the oldest approaches of polygraph printing. Nowadays basic and auxiliary tools of printing have changed but the principle remained the same.

          Screen-printing, as it is known today, was finally formed in the 50th years of the last century.    Nowadays this method is applied to print multicolor images of various size and complexity on any materials, like paper, plastic, metal, ceramics, textile, glass. Before nowadays, this method of printing was considered as secondary method but now it has the leading place in polygraph.

          Screen-printing is used in polygraph as well as for textile, car, glass, electronic printing and in various fields of manufacturing industry. Screen-printing is used for flags, posters, table accessories  (blankets, cup stands etc) banners, T-shirts, textile, paper, plastic bags, glass dishes, wooden products, souvenirs and items for various purposes: business cards, certificates, diplomas, booklets, ceramic cups, glass bottles, drug vials, vessels. This method gives opportunity to varnish finished polygraph products partially or totally, to print on the leather book cover and many others. Briefly, we can say that this is the best polygraph method in advertising industry as well as in various fields of manufacturing.