About Us

   Since 2003 together with highly qualified specialists, we have been working to construct manual screen-printing machines, which are highly competitive with their foreign analogues in terms of quality and function. Nowadays, different advertising companies and sewing factories use our printing machines. Based on extensive knowledge and many years of experience we founded Screen Printing Studio where you can find printing service and printing technology learning courses or buy screen-printing machines.

From 2017, company „Silk Print“ began official distribution of  textile inks of brand Antex made with advanced technologies by Anadolu Kymia and its materials.   

    It should be emphasized, that produced inks by  Antex do not contain phthalates, so it is ecologically clean, meets international standards (ISO 9001:2008) and it may be used for printing on children’s clothes and accessories.

    Our company is oriented not only on particular customers, but also on all interested persons and in case of screen-printing, it can offer   multi-service, starting with printing technology, finishing with produced installations by us.

    In addition, we help our customers to make optimal decisions; it is not matter, what she/he buys – one-color printing machine or only frame of printing form.      Its choice and its trust are important for our company. We make all our bests to realize this trust.