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Since 2003 together with highly qualified specialists, we have been working to construct manual screen-printing machines, which are highly competitive with their foreign analogues in terms of quality and function. Nowadays, different advertising companies and sewing factories use our printing machines. Based on extensive knowledge and many years of experience we founded Screen Printing Studio where you can find printing service and printing technology learning courses or buy screen-printing machines.

Screen-printing, in particular, Scholcography is one of the oldest approaches of polygraph printing. Nowadays basic and auxiliary tools of printing have changed but the principle remained the same.

Screen-printing, as it is known today, was finally formed in the 50th years of the last century.    Nowadays this method is applied to print multicolor images of various size and complexity on any materials, like paper, plastic, metal, ceramics, textile, glass. Before nowadays, this method of printing was considered as secondary method but now it has the leading place in polygraph.

Screen-printing is used in polygraph as well as for textile, car, glass, electronic printing and in various fields of manufacturing industry. Screen-printing is used for flags, posters, table accessories  (blankets, cup stands etc) banners, T-shirts, textile, paper, plastic bags, glass dishes, wooden products, souvenirs and items for various purposes: business cards, certificates, diplomas, booklets, ceramic cups, glass bottles, drug vials, vessels. This method gives opportunity to varnish finished polygraph products partially or totally, to print on the leather book cover and many others. Briefly, we can say that this is the best polygraph method in advertising industry as well as in various fields of manufacturing. 

Since 2003 we are working with high-qualified specialists to manually print those tools that are not quality and functional, but they are better than some foreign analogues …

Manual Screen-Printing Press Table – o Manual Screen-Printing Press Table is extensively used for printing on flat surfaces, like souvenir products made of paper, cardboard, plastic, PVC tapes and files, stone, wood, metal, glass and other materials.

Carousel Screen-Printing Press Machine for Textile -o Carousel Screen-Printing Press Machine for Textile is used for printing on T-shirts, caps, jackets and other textile products. There are 1-color, 4-color, and 6-color screen-printing machines. The number of colors as well as the number of tables determines productivity and can be selected according to the individual order. Printing machine has a simple system to control tables and colors.

Exposure Camera for Screen-Printing Forms – Exposure Camera for Screen-Printing Forms is used to receive screen print image on mesh frames, which enables to print on the various products. Spreading photo emulsion, drying and further exposure quickly proceed in this machine. Exposure time can be changed from 3 to 6 minutes depending on photo emulsion. Machine has time relay so called timer, which provides exposure time control.

Racks for Finished Products – Racks for Finished Products is multi-layered cart that is used for drying screen-printed finished products. Rack is a metal, wheeled, multi-layered construction easy to move.

Infra-Red Conveyor Dryer – Infra-Red Conveyor Dryer is used for complete drying the textile printed product. Machine provides temperature (from 0o to 200o C) as well as tape speed control. It is possible to construct non-standard sized infra-red conveyor dryer by the special order.

Flash Dryer – Flash dryer is used for multi-color printing. It is designed for drying the first color, separating from the second layer and enable free printing.

Conveyor Dryer for Ultra-Violet Spots and Inks – Conveyor Dryer for Ultra-Violet Spots and Inks is designed for quick drying image through ultra-violet exposure. Ultra-Violet Dryer, as well as Infra-Red Dryer has conveyor tape speed control system. Tape speed can be changed from 0 to 30 m/m.

Washout Booth – Washout Booth is used after exposing photo emulsion to wash out with water cannon and after finishing printing process to recover the forms.

Screen-Printing Press for Cylinder Surface– Screen-Printing Press for Cylinder Surface gives opportunity to print on cylinder surfaces as well as cone surfaces.

Mesh Stretcher on Frame  –  Mesh Stretcher on Frame is issued for stretching a mesh on the different sized frames. The size of the frame is not limited.


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