Screen Printing Learning

Screen printing studio announces reception for 10-day studying course of printing.

The course is for: them, who want to study printing on T-shirts, pens, cups,
materials of paper, wood and any other kinds.

The program helps you:  

  • to begin own small business
  • to find high-paid job
  • to improve your qualification  

The course is built for transferring as practical as theoretical knowledge, what will promote you to begin own business.    


  • Screen printing
  • Regeneration of screen form  
  • Basics of graphical drawing  
  • Vector and raster graphic  
  • Basics of business 

Program of studying of screen-printing   

Studying program of screen printing contains as theoretical as practical parts. Special courses for full-color printing on textile and basic course of screen printing were selected for studying.Basic course was selected for beginners, though it is also interesting for those print-makers, who have already worked at industrial area of screen-printing, for improving their qualification.      

Theoretical Course

Theoretical course

1. General information about screen-printing.
2. Originals and photo forms.
3. Printing mesh and its types according to the purpose.
4. Printing frames.
5. Meshes fixing technology to the frame.
6. Printing form preparation rules: – Photo-emulsion – Instructions for spreading a layer of photo-emulsion on the mesh – Cuvette for spreading photo-emulsion on the mesh.
7. Screen drying.
8. Screen flash drying in the special device, flashing regime.
9. Preparation for printing process.
10. Basics of graphic design and color separation: preparation of original layouts and photo forms.
11. Screen printing inks.
12. Ink solvents, drying delayers and special supplements.
13. Printing scrapper rubber, norms and purpose.
14. About printing machine.
15. Peculiarities of various printing materials.
16. Peculiarities of textile printing.


Practical Course

Practical course

1. How to prepare printing frame and fix meshes.
2. How to prepare screen-printing forms.
3. Regeneration of screen forms.
4. Preparation for printing and printing process.
Duration of the program: Academic calendar consists of 10 days. The lectures are once a day during 3 hours. Schedule will be agreed with participants and the listeners will get detailed schedule before beginning of the program.
The course will be led by David Kurtsikidze
Group will be completed minimum with 5 participants.
Cost of the program: 500 GEL
The half of the cost of the program should be paid three days before beginning the study, and the second one – during 10 days from beginning the study. Payment can be carried out only by non-cash payment.


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